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Investor and property manager – when you are wondering, our customers: count more and more space for rent, save on property taxes, make new investments and count the annual profits. Imagine that we will help you earn a lot more money – tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions of euro more. It depends on how large the portfolio of properties you have. Only for one property in Warsaw with the area of ~ 80 thousand m2 we earned for the owner of this building 2.3 million PLN more than the rental income from the tenant area annually. How is it possible? We know!

Our experience

Surface measurements
Training with surface measurements
Legal geodesy
Modifications of standards
Architectural Inventory
3D scanning
Installation inventory

How to do it?

For 10 years, in this field during the investment processes we have advised hundreds of Polish and international property managers and property owners. We know your fears because we have participated in thousands of investment projects of international companies. We have measured thousands of facilities, including the largest in Poland – some of these you can see in the tab Projects.

For years, we have been teaching property managers, developers, investors, lawyers and legal advisers in the field of area measurement standards and geodetic due diligence during our trainings and congresses. We also share our knowledge for free on the following page: www.resources.geodetic.co and in real estate journals: C.H. BECK Nieruchomości and Real Estate Manager. In 2017 we will publish our own Geodetic Resources Journal with a collection of our articles.

Together with you we will choose an optimal areas measurement standards which will be the best for the peculiar features of your property. We will prepare a comprehensive report, define with you the tenancy strategy of the building and we will show you the good and bad practices in the lease agreements. We will also conduct your investment in comprehensive geodetic and legal aspects – from looking for a plot to obtaining a permit to use it.

We will generate more profits for your property

We will train real estate professionals

We share knowledge through publications and blog

We will give you a complex geodetic service package

We will perform services for you in Poland and in Europe

All our projects are supported by 10 years’ experience.

Received recommendations

Our operability has been confirmed by over one hundred companies (we have it in hard copy), for which we have been working in the past 10 years – in the field of legal geodesy, standard surveying, residential and commercial measurements (office, retail, warehouses), drone measurements, 3D scanning and all other geodetic and geological surveys. See you soon at the Polish Geodetic Group – among customers who have decided to make more money on real estate.

What is the meaning of the Geodetic brand?

The gray / dark blue color reflects the business character of the brand, the color is also elegance and timeless. Orange color communicates dynamics and energy, it is symbolic but emphasizes strength and potential. The letters “ti” in the “Geodetic” logo symbolize the surveyor working with the tachymeter. Tracks in different shades of gray and orange symbolize ground horizontal levels. The signet logo is hexagonal because the company will be targeted in six sectors: services, resources, academy, real estate, agency, adds. The first four already exist. The next two implement in 2018. From 12:00 on the signet logo, there are the sectors sectors arranged according to the order of their implementation in The Geodetic company.

Company history

Geodezyjny.com - Efemeryda Adrian Hołub

Opening of The Efemeryda Adrian Hołub Company - 2007

Obtaining EU funding for business development - 2009

Receiving the ``Entrepreneurship Leader of the Year 2009`` Award for Innovative Surface Measurement Technology - 2009

Adrian Hołub received the diploma of appreciation for merits and activities for the development of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship - 2009

Receiving ``Employee Friendly Company Award`` granted by the Union of Employers of Warsaw and Mazovia - 2010

Hobbies Adrian Hołub has acquired a real estate agent's license number 15818 - 2011

Guest on TVP2 program ``The Unforgettable - Geodetic Passion`` - 2011

Start of certified Investor Academies on surface measurement standards - 2013

Start of Real Estate Journalism at C. H. Beck and Real Estate Manager - 2015

Lead the speech at 1CEE Real Estate Management Congress - 2016

Geodetic - Polish Geodetic Group

Creating a new brand of Geodetic - Polish Geodesic Group operating in several sectors - 2017

Organization of the first nationwide series of certified Inwestor Academies on land measurement and real estate investment - 2017

Expert of Legalis Administration and of Legalis Bookkeeping - 2017

Publication of Geodetic 2017 in paper and on-line version 2017

Development of the academy.geodetic.co sector - 2018

Organization of the National Property Congress ``How to make more money on real estate`` - 2017

Lectures at the University of Gdansk within the framework of the Study of Real Estate Management and Development Projects - 2017

Start of construction of the company headquarters at Malinowa Street 16 in Warsaw - realestate.geodetic.co - 2017

What are we waiting for in the future?

Development of the agency.geodetic.co sector- 2018

Development of the ads.geodetic.co sector - 2018

Lectures at the University of Gdansk within the framework of the Study of Real Estate Management and Development Projects - 2018

What else will we surprise you?

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